Adjustable comb systems Kalix Teknik CR1


Adjustable comb systems Kalix Teknik CR1


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CR 1 is a versatile product specifically made for weapons with stocks of composite materials. Almost every rifle being produced today have stocks that are suitable for open sights, the mechanical fixed reticles which usually is factory mounted. But even factory-mounted rectiles are not individually adapted in height which the Adjustable Comb CR1 solves. In most cases the owner chooses to retrofit some form of external rectile such as Aimpoint® or other traditional rifle scopes of varying size. It causes a bad or non existing plant of the shooter’s cheek against the comb and shooting is adversely affected. CR1 provides a solution to quickly achieve accurate and ergonomically correct planting of the cheek, regardless if shooting with factory mounted rectiles and/or retrofitted scopes. With simple operation, the height is adjusted according to user needs and circumstances with focus on high quality and improved ergonomics of the weapon.


Browning A-bolt, X-bolt, BAR MK2, MK3, Maral Composite


Ruger American Standard / Compact /All-Weather / All-Weather Compact / Ranch / Predator


Haenel Jaeger 10 Stainless AW / Varmint / Tracker / Mountain LT / Camouflage OR / Camouflage TR / Standard Synthetic


Steyr Mannlicher SM12 SX, Mannlicher CL II SX




BLASER R8 professional


T3x Battue Lite / Camo Stainless / Compact / Lite / Lite Stainless / Varmint / Varmint Stainless / Battue Lite for T3 Camo Stainless / Lite / Lite Stainless / Varmint


CZ 455 Synthetic, 527 Synthetic


Merkel Helix RX / RX Tracker / Explorer / Tracker OR Camo


Sauer 100 Classic XT, 101 Classic XT / Forest XT, 202 Classic XTR / Classic XTL, 303 Classic XT Green / Classic XT Brown / Hardwood / Black Velvet, 404 Classic XT


Sako A7: Synthetic / Synthetic Stainless, 85 Black Bear / Finnlight / Synthetic Stainless / Finnlight Synthetic Black , Quad Synthetic


Model 85: from 2009: When mounting on Magnum caliber, the cheek rest must be shortened manually by the user by 24mm to function properly.


Remington 700 SPS / SPS Varmint / XCR / XCR II / SPS Camo / VTR / SPS Tactical, 783 / Scoped / Camo.


Model 700: only for short action. For Long and Magnum Action, the comb increase must be shortened manually.


Browning A-bolt, X-bolt, BAR MK2, MK3, Maral Composite


Winchester Mod 70 Ultimate Shadow, SXP


Savage Axis, Savage Axis II XP


RÖWA Titan 6 Allround, Titan 16 Allround


Howa / Weatherby Rifles, Mauser 98 & Similar, Remington, Savage Rifles, Ruger M77 MkII / Hawkeye, Winchester Model 70 Rifles, Targetmaster, 1500 Howa Ranchland


Mauser M03 Extreme / Trail / Africa ph, M12 Extreme / Trail / Impact / S, Mauser M18


Kalix Teknik

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