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Alpin Balm


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The 24 hour protection for your skin at all weather conditions.
For dry, sensitive and delicate skin – with SPF 30!

The Exmonte Alpine Balm with SPF 30 is suitable based on natural fats and coconut oils for optimal sun protection in the high range. Very sensitive skin is protected and maintained ideal. Vegetable Glycerine helps the moisture in the skin, and vitamin E to obtain the same effect of the skin against aging cosmetic.

Extreme weather conditions, especially heat and cold can destroy the skin’s natural protection. It is therefore necessary to main-tain the sensitive balance between the oil and moisture of the skin and with it the skin’s natural acid mantle. Face, hands and lips are especially subject to the weather and therefore quickly tend to become chapped and rough.

By using Exmonte Alpine Balsam the oil and moisture balance of the skin is kept in an ideal equilibrium.

Content: 50 ml

Alpin Balm is entirely paraffin-free.

It is a top-class natural product from exmonte.



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