Adjustable Cheek Rest Kalix Teknik CR2 – Wooden Stocked Rifle


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When it comes to hunting with bolt-action rifles, having the right accessories can greatly enhance your shooting performance. That’s why we are excited to introduce the revolutionary adjustable cheek rest for all wooden stock bolt-action hunting rifles by Kalix Teknik, a renowned Swedish company. Designed specifically for wooden stocked rifles, this lightweight and durable product offers a unique mechanism that eliminates the need for knobs or screws on the side. With tool-free height adjustments and customizable features, this cheek rest is the perfect addition to any hunter’s arsenal.

  • An adjustable mechanism for stocks without any knobs or locking screws
  • Adjustable cheek rest in height and width
  • With tolerances of hundredths of a millimeter guarantees a stable operation
  • Lock built in so that you can not loose cheek support
  • Suitable for right and left shooters

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Kalix Teknik

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