The Presto Gun Blue Pen quickly and easily penetrates hard steel and gives a durable blue-black finish that won’t rub off. Use like a marking pen for one-coat coverage on non-stainless steels.

Quickly and easily penetrates hard steel.

Gives a durable blue-black finish that won’t rub off.

Use like a marking pen.

Presto® Gun Blue Touch-Up Pen


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Presto® Gun Blue Touch-Up Pen. Kiirem ja lihtsam viis likvideerida kriimustusi ja taastada relva metallosade hea välimus. Toimib koheselt ja annab kestva sini-musta lõppviimistluse mis ei tule hõõrudes maha. Kasuta nagu markeerimis-pliiatsit ühekordseks katmiseks mitte-roostevabale terasele. Ära tilguta vaid hõõru peale ümara vilt-otsaga. NB! Presto Gun Blue ei sobi roostevabale terasele, alumiiniumile ega teistele mitte-terasest metallidele (vask, titaan jne.)




Q: What type of metals can the Presto Gun Blue Pen be used on?

A: Presto Gun Blue Pen works on steel. Does not work on stainless-steel.


Q: How come I can’t tell if my Presto Gun Blue Pen is working or it seems like it is dried out?

A: This is a very common mistake as you will not obviously see fluid flowing from the pen during use. To ensure that the Presto Gun Blue Pen is working we suggest testing it on a piece of white paper to visually confirm that fluid is flowing.


Q: Why is the Presto Gun Blue Pen not working or rusting?

A: The chemical may not take to the metal if it is not fully clean. For the best results use Birchwood Casey Cleaner-Degreaser. If you do not have access to it, ordinary dish-washing liquid soap will work as a substitution.

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