Sihik Nikko Stirling Diamond 1,5-6X42


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Riflescope Nikko Stirling Diamond 1,5-6X42. The quest for the trophy or the elusive game animal takes today’s hunters to more extreme locations where the climate and terrain pushes the hunters and their equipment to the limit. Faster shooting in low light – the Diamond 30mm Illuminated reticle models are designed for fast shooting in low light conditions. Here the hunter needs to quickly take a shot at game in dawn, twilight or forest conditions. The clearly defined red or green illuminated reticle makes this easy. Ideal for driven game hunting! ETE Microlux optical coatings are added to the lenses to reduce the reflection of light by the lens surfaces, ensuring a brighter scope in low light conditions when target acquisition is critical. Available in 30mm illuminated version.

• CNC machined parts made to tightest tolerances
• Aircraft approved aluminium
• High Grade Optical lens coatings for maximum light transmission
• Low profile adjustments
• Fast finger adjustable dials
• Rubber enhanced zoom ring
• Speed focused eyepiece

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Nikko Stirling

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