The Targetmaster series includes feature sesired by tactical and competetive shooters. The main body is a 30mm, hard alloy tube that provides added strenght and light gathering capabilities. All lenses are coated with our succsessful multi coating that is shaprer, clearer and provides more contrast than ever before. Featering lockable target style turrets, difficult windag and elevation adjustments in the file are a thing of the past. Across the board these scops hav illuminated glass etched Half Mil Dot reticles and a side saddle focus.

Sihik Nikko Stirling TargetMaster 5-20X50 MD


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Sihik Nikko Stirling TargetMaster 5-20X50. TargetMaster seeria punatäpp optilised sihikud mõeldud taktikali ja sportlaskuritele. Sihikud on ehitatud 30mm korpusega, läätsed on kaetud ETE Microlux optical kattega, mis vähendab valguse peegeldust läätsel. Half Mil Dot rist

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